Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

October 30, 2018

162 Starlight Crest



1. Attendees

a. Board : Devon Myers, Mike Sagarian, Albert Chang, Janet Edberg, Cynthia Smither

b. Guests : Hanjoo Kim, Kathy Risley, Nikki Mojarradi, Jose Toribio

2. Maintenance

a. Playground Update

i. JT provided quote for redoing landscaping and sprinklers in the updated childrens park

ii. Board asked JT for quotes for reduced grass options, including more decomposed granite paths and artificial turf

iii. MS will ask vendor about colors installed vs. colors requested

b. Pool Project

i. KR will meet with Blue Water (pool maintenance contractor). KR will talk with Glenn Cunningham to find out more about what drove the need for the pool repairs.

c. Tree trimming in common area behind Porters house - JT provided quotes:

i. $1,630 for trimming the lowest branches

ii. $4,200 for completely trimming back all 6 big trees and all bushes

iii. Board approved trimming lowest branches, MS to follow up with JT on price

d. 207 Mariners View Lane. JT assessed pine trees are not in need for trimming, they are in the cycle for trimming and will be trimmed in another 3-4 years

e. 220 Starlight Crest Dr

i. Palm tree and root removal

f. Walkway into putting green

i. NM: fence and path guides are in disrepair

ii. Board will take a look and consider for repair

g. San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments

i. Free energy assessments available

ii. AC will put them in touch with JE


3. Renovation Requests

a. none


4. Finances.

a. Treasurers report - operating and reserves on track to budget, will be increasing slightly the amount we transfer to reserves each month (from $1,500 to $1,639)

b. Reserve study finalized

c. 2019 budget - MS will need to work on this. Must be sent to Cardinal Management by end of November


5. Annual Picnic Planning Debrief

a. Feedback was generally positive. Well over 100 people attended.


6. Next Meeting

a. Tuesday November 27, Cynthias house, 203 Starlight Crest


7. Next Newsletter

a. Picnic

b. Playground is open

c. Pool gate and tennis court rules reminder

d. Energy assessments

e. Annual meeting reminder