Minutes of Starlight Mesa Homeowners’ Association

Board of Governors’ Special Meeting

October 27, 2007

At the home of Charles Berryman

Present:     Charles Berryman                                                        

                  Joe Bergen

                  Christian Jagenberg                    

                  Dayton Jones                                                   

                  Muriel Horacek

                 Steve Gutierrez

1.  Steve informed the Board that due to his diagnosis of Lou Gehrig’s Disease, he and Julie have sold SMG to a management company in Glendale effective January 1, 2008.  He will stay on as an advisor to them for several months.

2.  Charles showed photos of the culvert problems on Lot 93, and reported that the Superintendent of Construction for the Flood Maintenance Division of Los Angeles County, who had fully inspected the site on Oct. 17th, considered both of the repair methods, plug with concrete slurry or rebuild, and advised us to use the first for a more permanent solution.

3.  Joe presented the different opinions from his phone contacts with four Geologists/Soil Engineers, none of whom had been, nor would be coming, to inspect the broken culverts.

4.  Joe reported that appointments were set with two new contractors on Oct. 30th and 31st. Any decision on culvert repair was thus postponed.

5.  Since the total cost will probably be lower than previously indicated, the dues increase of $50 per quarter as agreed upon at the October 15th Board meeting was rescinded.  The Board now approved a dues increase of $25. per quarter effective January 1, 2007.

Muriel Horacek