Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

10-25-17, 7:30

CS House


Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), Cynthia Smither (CS), Albert Chang (AC), Janet Edberg (JE), Devon Myers (DM)

Also – Jose Toribio (JT), Chandler Ho (CH)




JT proposed to trim 36 palm trees throughout the Mesa for $4500.  These trees should be trimmed every year.  AC confirmed that there is money in the budget for this work.  The proposal was approved.


JT noted that the regular tree trimming program also needs to be completed this year.  JE reported that this tree trimming is on a 5-year cycle, and that there is $4k in the budget for it this year.  It should be completed in the fall.  JT and the Board need to decide which area to trim next.  There is also a dead tree in the putting green park that needs to be removed, for a cost of $700.  That project was approved.  JT noted that Acacias only live ~12 years and will need to be removed regularly.  Finally, JT advised that his crew will fertilize homeowners’ front lawns on November 7 and asked that a notice be sent around to remind everyone to water their lawns that day.


JE raised the problem of the solar lights in the putting green park failing.  GG noted that these lights had been replaced several years ago and they do not last long.  JE will look at alternatives.


Renovation requests:


5200 Diamond Point:  GG reported that Trang Tran had asked for approval to re-paint her house – the paint color will be “Crisp Muslin” - and to remove the decorative metal from the columns on her balcony.  The proposal was approved.


Chandler Ho renovation requests:  CH said that he is seeking approval to purchase Mark Goddard’s house and plans to renovate the house before moving in.  He will enclose the front balcony upstairs, enclose the lower patio area, repaint the exterior white and the window frames black.  The roof will not be changed, and he had decided against extending the house in back.  The driveway will need to be re-poured and he will replace the bricks in the backyard with concrete.  There will be a new window on the side of the house toward the Hillers, but it will not look into any other houses.  The renovations were approved.


Children’s Park renovation plans:


DM is trying to connect with Derrick Pan to review the status of this project.  CS wants to keep the swing and the jungle gym.  She observed that it will be impossible to get enough help from the neighbors to assemble the new equipment and we should use professional installers.  GG suggested having the contractor come to the next Board meeting or set up a phone call with the Board.  GG will check with Peter Ryan at Cardinal about the process for approval of a special assessment.  CS suggested using JT’s crew for the demolition work as it will be less expensive.  DM will contact the playground contractor about a time to talk with the Board.


Treasurer’s Report:


AC reported that at the end of September the HOA had ~$21k in its operating account and ~$88k in its reserve account.  Delinquencies were generally low.


Approval of Budget and 2018 Dues:


AC reviewed his updated draft 2018 budget with dues assumed to be the same as in 2017, $180/mo./home.  The budget was approved.  GG suggested that a dues increase may be appropriate for 2019, so that dues are increased every two or three years.  AC reported that the reserve study was underway and that the consultants would come to view HOA facilities shortly.


Annual Meeting:


The Board reviewed plans for the annual meeting, to take place November 12 at 2 p.m. at the pool.  The Board approved asking Muriel Horacek to count votes along with Peter Ryan for the 2018 Board election.


Next Board Meeting:


            Weds. Nov. 29, 7:30 p.m.

            DM’s house