Minutes of October 23, 2012 Board Meeting,

8:00 p.m. at the home of Tina Blum


Present: Joe Bergen, Tina Blum, Chari Gilmore, <redacted> and Trang Tran


·         As indicated in the August and September minutes, the Starlight Mesa Annual Meeting will be held Saturday, November 10 at 10am at the Association Pool.


·         Board finalized 2013 board candidates and agreed that ballots will be mailed 10/24 for arrival by 10/26.


·         Discussed details of ensuring Cardinal Management is prepared to mail out the 2013 budget; reserve study; audit; and documentation of SHMOA insurance coverage to residents prior to the annual meeting.


·         Financials:

·         Reviewed and approved the Treasurer’s statement

·         Reviewed and approved the 2013 budget

·         Reviewed and approved Reserve Study.


·         Maintenance Report

·         Putting green grass replacement is on schedule.  Once the roots of the current “grass” are completely dead, the area will be tilled and prepped for new sod.  When the new sod is laid, the park will be closed to allow the sod to take root.  We will keep you posted on impending closures.

·         A backboard for the tennis court will be installed before the end of the year.

·         Preparations are being made for winter planting which will include the hill above the tennis court and the deep end of the pool.

·         Winter preparation is being planned for the pool for November.  This will include turning off the heat to the showers, putting away the umbrellas, adjusting the light timers.

·         Adjustments to irrigation timers have been revised to Fall levels.

·         Agreed to notify residents to abstain from allowing children to roller skate and skateboard on the new tennis court as it can damage the surface.  And if you see any unsupervised yahoos doing this, please tell them to stop.


·         Mesa business that occurred between the September and October board meetings

·         Approved the payment of Mesa annual party expenses incurred by Board members

·         Settled issue of erroneous late fees applied to a resident whose due payments are in good standing.

·         Finalized and distributed the updated Mesa directory

·         Solicited Board nominees for 2013

·         Approved a birthday party at the pool lawn with a bouncy house on Saturday, November 17



Chari Gilmore

SMHOA, Secretary