Minutes of Starlight Mesa Board Meeting

Held on October 20, 2008


o        Board of Directors: Joe Bergen, Joe Varreveto, Christian Jagenberg, Tom Cwik.

o        Homeowners: Glenn Cunningham

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. at Tom Cwiks house.

Minutes of September 29, 2008 meeting were discussed, need modification and were not approved.

Packages send from TMEI management company to all homeowners include set of policies; these policies are incorrect and the policies on the website are correct. TMEI will be notified

Annual meeting agenda was formalized and approved; It will include

o        Introduction

o        Welcome to new Mesa residents

o        Budget report

o        Maintenance report

o        Pool house project report

o        Election of officers

o        Questions and answers

The Landscape Architect being commissioned to examine hillside planning was discussed. The board has spoken to three landscape architects and two have come for site visits. We have received one proposal and expect one more to come. The board is also waiting for the geologist report.

The Mesa gardener will fertilize the yards on Friday Nov 14. A reminder will be sent by email.

A request was made to trim the oleanders near the steps to the pool on common property. The oleanders will be trimmed appropriately. 

The Board discussed homeowners in arrears on payments. A number of people are in arrears and a request will be made to TMEI to reconcile accounts,

Tennis court benches are being replaced will new, low maintenance versions.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45

Next meeting is the Annual Meeting Nov 12 at the Country Club.