Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

October 2, 2018

208 Mariners View





1. Attendees

a. Board : Devon Myers, Mike Sagarian, Albert Chang, Janet Edberg

b. Guests : Hanjoo Kim, Kathy Risley


2. Maintenance

a. Playground - work starting October 15th

b. Pool Project

i. Scope of project reviewed with KR. KR will review prior pool documents

and join us at next meeting to discuss next steps. General milestones are:

1. Revalidate scope and bids - October/November 2018

2. Make recommendation on vendor to board for approval -

December 2018

3. Assistance with special assessment information for community -

January 2019

4. Secure contract with vendor - April 2019

5. Overseeing actual construction - May 2019

c. Brush clearance behind Porters house - JE will connect with Jose to check out

and estimate

d. 207 Mariners View Lane

i. Requested service vehicle access to remove debris from backyard -

approved but homeowner is liable for any damage done by service


ii. Requested tree trimming of pine trees - Okay for homeowner to trim

and/or remove pine trees as needed on their own property. JE will have

Toribio assess the trees on community property, for trimming.


3. Renovation Requests

a. Artificial turf in backyard - board does not review back yard

b. 275 Starlane

i. Paint approval - flattering peach color approved for exterior


4. Finances

a. Treasurers report


5. Annual Picnic Planning - 10/7/18

a. Name tags - AC will order

b. Reminder for everyone to bring your chairs/blankets

c. Kona Ice truck - AC scheduled

d. Los Gringos - CS scheduled for 4-7pm, dinner at 5pm

e. Bounce house - DM will schedule

f. Potluck dessert - optional, no glassware


6. Next Meeting

a. October 30th, 7:30pm at Mikes house (162 Starlight Crest Dr)

b. December 2nd, 2pm at Pool


7. Next Newsletter

a. Playground schedule

b. Picnic reminder


8. Executive Session