Starlight Mesa HOA

Board Meeting

10-19-16, 7:45 p.m.

SP House


Present:  Kirk Gerbracht (KG), Brent Tweddle (BT), Sylvia Paz (SP), Greg Goeckner (GG), Cynthia Smither (CS)

Also: Scott and Anne Swanson (SAS), Armond Kotikian (AK)


Renovation Requests:


KS Kim Exterior:  GG referred to the note from Glenn Cunningham about changes to the exterior of this house – an added window on the side of house and a new exterior hot water heater – which were not approved by the Board.  GG will write them about the changes.  He noted that the Board still had not received a plan for the new exterior finish on this house.


Armond Kotikian roof:  AK reviewed his proposal to change the roof on his house at 271 Starlane.  The house still has a wood roof, probably the last one in the neighborhood.  He proposed to replace it with a concrete composition tile, Charcoal Brown color, using either lightweight or heavyweight tiles made by Boral Roofing.  The Board approved the proposal.


Swanson roof:  SAS reviewed their proposal for replacement of the roof on their house at 211 Starlane.  They also plan to use a concrete composition tile, in the Cedarlite 600 line of tile, Heartwood color, also made by Boral Roofing.  The Board approved the proposal.




SP reported that the problem with the solar irrigation system had been fixed.  The HOA bought a new electrical panel that now controls all of the sprinklers in the pool area.  SP and BT will review and approve the work with Jose Toribio.


SP reported that Jose had completed the putting green park work. BT has a few minor things that Jose needs to fix still.  CS noted that some neighbors were unhappy with the decomposed granite (DG) used for the walks and with the location of the picnic table. GG observed that most parks now are putting in DG for their walkways – it should be easier to walk on and is supposed to drain well. BT suggested that we can add more plants and grass to fill in some of the areas in the park and that the picnic table can be relocated if the neighbors prefer a different location. SP and BT will have a meeting with Jose to finalize this project.


BT reported on his investigation into problems with the pool area electrical system.  The batteries in the astronomic timers had failed – Joe Bergen (JB) fixed them - and some of the bulbs in the fixtures along the walkway had burned out – these will be replaced with LED lights.  The GFCIs were not working – we will have an electrician replace them.  SP noted that JB also corrected the problem with the pool temperature.  BT will review everything at the pool to make sure it all is working.


SP reported that the homeowner at 5209 Diamond Point had trimmed all of the trees outside of their house and dumped the branches in the common maintenance area down the hillside above Starlane.  They need to clean it up or pay Jose to clean it up. KG will talk to them.


Jose Toribio contract:  SP will circulate the final draft for final review by the Board.


            Childrens park:  BT reported that he still is working on the renovation plan.


            Pool renovation:  BT reported that JB is still working on collecting bids.


Treasurer’s Report:


KG reported that the bank balances at the end of September were: Operating Account - $32,486.60, with outstanding checks of $15,421.30, resulting in a net balance after outstanding checks of $17,065.24; and Reserve Account - $71,781.51.


GG reported that the family which was many years behind on paying HOA dues had made a substantial payment (though still not bringing their dues payments current) several days before the Board meeting.  The net amount after collection expenses will be deposited in the operating account. website:


The Board agreed that there was no reason to purchase this website domain name in addition to the current website.




The Board reviewed the recent HOA picnic.  GG did not get the projector and screen as planned. KG has deposited the money received for the picnic and took all of the leftover food to Union Station Homeless Services.  CS observed that attendance at the picnics in recent years has been low – the neighborhood is changing and there is not as much participation in this type of event as there was in the early years of the neighborhood.  There also was a Christmas party in the past but that was discontinued.  The Board should consider whether it is time to discontinue the summer picnic.  KG suggested advertising the picnic more to drive attendance.  BT suggested having a picnic committee to handle the preparations.  GG noted that next year would be the 50th anniversary of the neighborhood and that a special picnic should be planned.


Annual meeting date/planning:


GG reported that the annual meeting needs to be held in December.  The Board reviewed several possible dates and agreed on December 1 from 7-9 p.m. (later changed to Saturday, December 10 at 10 a.m.).  SP will try to reserve the community center for this meeting (after contacting numerous venues, SP determined that no other locations were available on this date and the Board approved holding the meeting at the community pool).


Next Meeting:



7:30 p.m.

            SP house