Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

January 8, 2019

162 Starlight Crest





1.       Attendees

a.       Board: Devon Myers, Mike Sagarian, Asha Masurekar, Hanjoo Kim

b.       Guests: Jose Toribio

2.       Maintenance

a.       Playground Update

                                                               i.      JT provided quotes for the landscaping and sprinklers for the children’s park.  The board will review the quotes.

b.       Pool Update

                                                               i.      JT noticed a light that is always on.

                                                             ii.      JT noticed a leaking sprinkler.

                                                           iii.      JT noticed that the north pool gate needs repairs.

                                                           iv.      Another pool cleaning company other than current Blue Water may be reviewed.

c.       Tree Trimming

                                                               i.      JT: The February trimming will be the area adjacent to JPL.

d.       Pool Project

                                                               i.      One more opinion on how much repair is needed for the pool will be heard.  Kathy Risley will follow up.

e.       Tennis Court

                                                               i.      A reservation system is in need.  A reservation app that could be shared and viewed by all residents could be adapted.

3.       Social Event

a.       Last year’s coffee and donut social event was a big success.  This year’s event is set for Saturday, March 9.

4.       CC&R Update

a.       DM will have another meeting this week with Adams/Stirling.

b.       A board fiduciary duty orientation for the board members will be held in February 13.

c.       DM: will work on the first phase of the update.  As the contents are formed, community meetings will be held to receive feedback.

5.       Renovation Requests

a.       None.

6.       Finances

a.       The December 2018 report has not come.  The board will request it from Peter.

7.       Next Meeting

a.       Wednesday, February 13 at Mike’s house (162 Starlight Crest)