Minutes of January 31, 2013 Board Meeting,

8:00 p.m. at the home of Chari Gilmore


Board Members Present: Glenn Cunningham, Chari Gilmore, <redacted>, Karen Levin, and Trang Tran


·         The newly installed 2013 Starlight Mesa Homeowners Board officers and responsibilities are as follows:

o   Trang Tran – President

o   <redacted> – Treasurer

o   Glenn Cunningham – Maintenance

o   Karen Levin – Maintenance

o   Chari Gilmore – Secretary


·         Mesa Resident Committees:  In the past, the Mesa has formed various neighborhood committees of residents to address concerns and plan activities.  The Board would like to reintroduce the idea as a means for residents to get involved in the neighborhood on issues that are important to them.  These committees would meet to generate ideas, discuss issues, address concerns and make recommendations to the Board. The types of committees have varied over the years (art jury, tennis, pool, social) as they were formed to address the concerns of the time.  To that end, the Board will solicit the residents’ recommendations for committees.  Due to the recent break-ins in the neighborhood, we already have five neighbors interested in forming a Safety Committee.  Please send other committee recommendations to Chari Gilmore at


·         Future Projects:  The Board raised and will prioritize the below projects to consider for 2013:

·         Playground Refresh

·         Gazebo Refresh

·         Long Term Tree Planting Plan

·         Build Reserve


·         De facto Fence Policy:  The Board is considering whether a de facto fence policy exits in the Mesa beyond the rules in the CC&R.  Glenn will review all available past minutes to determine if there was any recorded basis for decisions made about fences.


·         Finance Report

·         The new Board members did not receive the December financials in advance of the meeting so they will review and we will vote to approve at a later date.

·         <redacted> is working to set up a meeting with Cardinal to have the 2011 audit unconditionally approved by the third party auditors.


·         Maintenance

·         Glenn is setting up a meeting with Joe Bergen to schedule a walk-through of the Mesa with the Board to pass along information and updates about the neighborhood’s maintenance day-to-day workings and special projects.

·         Board approved the Toribio's bid for the annual tree trimming. Glenn and Karen to schedule the work.


·         Resident Concerns

·         Speeding:  Several residents have raised the continued issues of speeding in the neighborhood.  While the stop sign has definitely slowed down many residents at the corner or Starlight Crest Drive and Starlane, there are still those who choose to ignore the safety of their neighbors and themselves.  One resident suggested via email the idea of speed bumps.  As there are many issues to consider (resident input, emergency vehicle response time, city ordinances), this will be a topic the Safety Committee will look into.

·         Tennis Court Cracks: A resident inquired about the cracks in the newly resurfaced tennis court. According to several tennis court and concrete contractors, the cracks in concrete cannot be fixed with resurfacing.  Most of the “cracks” on the court are the seams from the originally poured pads.  As one put it, if he could permanently fix cracks in concrete, he’d be a wealthy man.


Chari Gilmore:  SMHOA, Secretary