Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board Meeting


1-27-16, 7:30 p.m.

SP House


Present:  Greg Goeckner (GG), Kirk Gerbracht (KG), Sylvia Paz (SP), Brent Tweddle (BT)

Not present: Derrick Pan (DP)




Maintenance report:  SP reported that Jose Toribio had cleaned up the broken tree branch at the end of Lower Stardust resulting from the recent storm.  Jose also cleaned out the ditch in the common area across from pool. 


Tree planting:  SP noted that it is time to start tree planting.  KG agreed that many trees had died in the Mesa. SP will propose planting 10 new trees this year and 5 trees each year thereafter.


Concrete work:  SP reported that Jose was unable to fix the culvert below Cardy Coate’s house.  He recommended finding a concrete company to do it.  In addition, we need to repair or replace the broken concrete in the children’s park.  Jose reported that that damage was due to tree roots and recommended removing the cement.  SP will ask for a quote to replace the concrete rings.


Pool steps: GG raised the issue of repairing the steps from Starlight Crest down into the pool area, which was identified in the reserve study as a project to be completed in the next several years.  KG believes it will be an expensive project. BT agreed but noted that it is a long-term safety issue


Culvert bridge:  SP raised the issue of the bridge over the culvert in Lot 93; Jose suggested installing a more stable and wider metal bridge, which would cost $360.  It would be anchored into the dirt on both sides of the culvert and would be at least 36”-42” wide.  BT noted that the surface needed to designed so it is not slippery when wet – perhaps an abrasive surface. KG suggested a raised surface – a diamond plate.  The Board approved the proposal.


Walkway railings: SP reported that the railings along several of the walkways into the parks (into the putting green and down to the pool) are falling apart.  The bid to repair them was $730, which she thought was too high.  She will get more details for the next meeting.




Renovation requests:


Hiller roof replacement: GG reported that he had observed work being done on the Hillers’ roof and asked them to submit their plans for approval.  Unfortunately, the chosen roofing material was a brown asphalt shingle and the work had been completed before the Board had a chance to review it.  The Association has a clear and long-standing rule against the installation of new asphalt shingle roofs.  The Board agreed that installing asphalt shingle roofs could hurt property values in the neighborhood.  SP noted that the rules allow the imposition of fines for failure to consult the Board before undertaking renovation work.  BT agreed that the Board needed to enforce the existing roofing rules.  GG noted that other members of the Association had asked for approval of their roofing plans and that the Board had rejected one proposal which was not consistent with the homes in the neighborhood.  The Board agreed that the Hillers should be asked to replace their asphalt shingle roof with a conforming roofing product.


Hiller patio cover replacement:  GG reported that the Hillers also wanted to replace their patio cover.  They had provided a proposal but it did not include pictures or drawings so it was difficult to determine what the new patio cover would look like.  He had asked for additional information.  Following the meeting, the Hillers provided pictures of their new patio cover, which the Board approved.


Shahoony House Status:  GG reported that the Board still had not been contacted by the owner of the former Shahoony house, although significant renovations had been going on at the property since it was sold.  Efforts to contact the owner, his representative and his real estate agent had been ignored or rebuffed.  At the least, the new owner should have sought approval to replace landscaping and the side fence that property shares with the Stiticks.  He will continue to pursue the matter with the owner and his representatives.


JPL survey update:


GG reported that he had spoken with Angela LaMonica of the US GSA about the recent property line survey along the JPL property line on Starlight Crest and Starlight Mesa.  The surveyors had placed temporary stakes along the property line.  They will place permanent markers later.  They have not decided if they will take any further action related to the survey.  SP noted that JPL had done a property line survey every 5 years in the past and did not anticipate that they would take any further action beyond marking the property boundary.  GG advised that Angela LaMonica plans to visit again in March and he will invite the Board to meet with her then.


2016 Board organization:


GG noted that the Board needed to find a replacement for John Andraos.  SP will ask Tanya Zimmerman, who ran in the last election.  If she is not able to serve, the Board will look for other candidates.


            Assignment of Board positions:  The Board approved the following positions for 2016:

            KG – Treasurer

                        GG – Secretary

                        SP and BT - Maintenance


Next meeting

            February 24, 2016

            7:30 p.m.

            SP House