Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board of Governors' Meeting Minutes

1-26-15, 7:30 p.m.

Goeckner House


Present – Greg Goeckner (GG), Sylvia Paz (SP), Alex Benderskii (AB), Derrick Pan (DP)

Not Present – John Andraos (JA)

Also – Jared Herzikoff-Cornell (JHC), Karen Levin (KL)


Renovation Requests:


Herzikoff-Cornell request to paint house:  JHC advised that he and his wife wanted to paint their house a light grey color - Dunn-Edwards “December Sky” – with white trim.  They also plan to paint their front door red.  The Board unanimously approved these paint colors.


Goeckner-Schumacher request to replace side fences:  GG advised that, as the result of their current room addition, they also planned to replace the side fences on their house.  The east side fence (a combination of a block wall and wrought iron fence/gate) had to be removed to allow access for construction equipment.  The city was requiring that the west side fence (block wall) be replaced with a gate for access.  They proposed to replace the fences with horizontal Ipe wood fences/gates in the same location as the old fences/gates.  They will match the Ipe wood siding on the front of their house.  A similar Ipe side fence was installed on Glenn Cunningham’s house, which also has Ipe wood front siding.  The Board (GG abstaining) unanimously approved the proposed gates/fences.


Changes in the neighborhood:


SP advised that the Rodden family is moving to Sacramento and will be putting their house up for rent.


KL advised that her neighbors Dayton Jones and Debra Grubb will be retiring in April and plan to move in February.  They are preparing their house for sale.


Maintenance Report:


AB reported that he had received the dog waste station and planned to install it near the pool over the weekend.  AB advised that he will look into permanent trashcans to replace the plastic cans currently in the parks.  AB also will organize a group to survey and repair the culverts.


SP will ask Jose Toribio to buy more sprinkler heads to replace the broken heads in the parks.  She will also ask Jose for a bid to remove the three dead trees in the parks.  KL noted that the trees near the pool solar panel need to be trimmed to avoid future damage to those panels.  SP will talk to Jose about labeling the trash bins in the gardeners shed and making sure the gardener’s use the proper bin for waste disposal.


GG raised the hillside maintenance proposal for 2015.  Joe Bergen had proposed to continue the hillside clearance and replanting project around the pool and tennis court area and had proposed a budget of $6k this year.  SP will also get a bid from Jose for this work for comparison.


Treasurer’s Report:


DP reported that as of EOY 2014 our operating account had a balance of $39k, with $10k of outstanding checks, for a $29k net balance.  We are in good shape financially.  January is a collections month so the balance should go up.  The reserve account has $48.9k, which is good.  There are three short-term delinquencies, which are not a major concern, in addition to the one family in long-term arrears and subject to our collection action. Cardinal has sent reminders to those three families.


SP asked about implementing a direct payment online option.  DP will ask Cardinal.  He will get new signature cards to reflect the change in the Board this year.  DP and AB usually sign most checks.


DP reported that the Association had a $4.8k surplus in 2014.  After discussing a number of current projects that may require funding, the Board decided to leave these funds in the operating account.  DP also presented a comparison of expenses in 2013 and 2014; the electric utility costs have gone up substantially, so we should pay attention to community electric usage.


SP reported that the putting green park seemed to be overwatered and flooding. GG advised that he had the same experience.  KL reported that she had turned off those sprinklers.  SP will check to see if they have been turned back on.  GG suggested that the clock might have been reset automatically following the recent power outage.  KL will turn these sprinklers off again tomorrow.


The Board then met in Executive Session to discuss legal matters.


Next meeting:


February 11, 2015, 7:30 p.m.

Sylvia Paz  house