Starlight Mesa Homeowners Association

Board of Governors Meeting


January 24, 2018





1. Present


a. Board: Janet Edberg, Cynthia Smither, Devon Myers, Albert Chang, Mike



b. Others: Jose Toribio, Glenn Cunningham


2. Board Positions


a. Maintenance: Janet Edberg, Cynthia Smither


b. President: Devon Myers


c. Secretary: Albert Chang


d. Treasurer: Mike Sagarian


3. Website


a. Glenn will add general email to the site


b. Devon suggested we can take a look and see if anything else is needed




a. All board members will review latest contract and Gregs notes and then decide if

we should send to legal review


5. Maintenance


a. Quotes for removal of dead trees were provided by Jose


b. Invoicing will change from 17th of the month to 12th of the month and include 2%

annual increase plus meeting attendance charge


c. Complaints about putting green getting overwatered - appears to be wet

regardless of rain. Jose will double check overwatering and drainage. Cynthia will

talk to Jose.


6. Treasurer Report


a. New Signature Card routed


b. Operating = $17,561


c. Reserves = $93,195


7. Community Social Events


a. Bagel/Donuts and Coffee on Saturday February 3rd hosted by HOA and

managed by Chang family


8. Other


a. January Email to Community: Albert to send out email with announcement of

new board members and positions, link to web page, and reminder to pool/tennis

reservations, add weblink in to signature; announce coffee/bagels/donuts


b. Security/Private Patrol: Resident Nikki Mojarradi has emailed the board and

would like to discuss private security patrolling. Board members will review

CC&Rs to see if this is in our scope of responsibilities. Will invite Nikki to next

board meeting to help us understand