Minutes of Board Meeting January 20, 2009

At the home of Muriel Horacek

Present:  Board Members: Joe Bergen, John Kim, Scott Swanson, Muriel Horacek

               Residents:  Jo Berryman and Bruce Miller

The meeting began at 7:35 PM with concerns requested by the two residents to change the Minutes of the September meeting.  Since the residentsí questions pertained to actions taken by the 08 Board, this Board was not present at that meeting and therefore could not change the September 29th Minutes.

In the discussion concerning planting on common land behind their homes, Joe Bergen, as the only member present from the 08 Board, confirmed the decisions of the 08 Board as stated in the Starlight Mesa Hillside Maintenance Policy posted on the SMHOA website.  He also informed them of the new irrigation pipes being installed behind their homes which would allow separate watering schedules for shady and sunny slopes.

The regular business of the meeting, which opened at 9:05 PM, began with duties being accepted by the 09 Board members as follows:

President:        Scott Swanson

Treasurer:       John Kim

Maintenance:  shared by Joe Bergen and Tom Cwik

Secretary & Newsletter:   Muriel Horacek

Maintenance report by Joe  Bergen:

--tree trimming will start shortly, as approved by the Board by email vote

--some rotting sprinkler pipes are being replaced, as approved by the Board by email vote

--Brad Coleman, former Mesa resident, will be submitting an estimate for the new poolhouse

The next meeting of the Mesa Board will be at 7:30 PM Monday, February 23rd at the home of  Muriel Horacek, 185 Starlight Crest Drive.

Respectfully submitted,

Muriel Horacek