Starlight Mesa

Homeowners Association

Board Meeting

1-19-17, 7:30 p.m.



Present: Greg Goeckner (GG), Cynthia Smither (CS), Sylvia Paz (SP), Janet Edberg (JE), Albert Chang (AC)

Also: Glenn Cunningham (GC)




Tree trimming:  SP reported that we had removed 4 trees on lower Stardust, 3 in the putting green area, and 5 on the hills above the tennis court.


Tree planting: SP reported on plans for tree planting in the spring.  We can plant various types of trees.  She is meeting with Claus Boettger to look at planting new trees on lower Stardust.  Last year we put in deodar cedars on Starlight Crest – they don’t need much water.  We should continue to plant those elsewhere in the Mesa.  AC will check on the budget allocation for tree planting this year.  GG proposed a budget of $1000 for tree planting.  The Board approved the proposed budget, assuming AC confirms that we have funds available.


DG walks and rain:  SP reported that the new DG walks in the putting green park had eroded during the recent heavy rains, but that Jose Toribio’s crew had been able to fix them quickly.


Junipers: SP reported on the junipers near the JPL gate on Starlight Crest.  We cannot cut them short, but could remove them and plant more of the green apple plants.  GG noted that there were also junipers along Starlight Mesa, but that they didn’t seem to have the same problems with animals in them.  SP will ask Jose for a quote to remove and replace the junipers on Starlight Crest.


Other: SP reported that the bottom steps going down to the tennis court need to be replaced.  She will get a quote from Jose. GC suggested there may be spare railroad ties behind the pool house that can be used.


SP reported that there is a broken lamp in the pool area; it had just been fixed and the wind broke it again.  She will get another replacement.


SP reported that Jose’s crew had cleaned the hillside along Starlane where trees had been cut and dumped.


Treasurer’s Report:


AC reported that he had met with Kirk Gerbracht to transition the Treasurer’s work to him.  GG advised that Cardinal had sent over a new bank signature card form that he would print and circulate to the Board.  AC will talk to Cardinal about the timing of their financial reports so the reports will be available in time for our monthly meetings.


Reserve Study timing:


GG noted that we are required to do a reserve study every 3 years so should do one now.  However, he recommended waiting until the big projects (parks and pool) were completed later this year.  He had discussed the subject with Peter Ryan, who agrees that we should delay the study until later in the year.  GC noted that the Mesa had been using the same company to do these reserve studies for years. AC will ask Cardinal for recommendations on other candidates to do this study to have some comparison.


Pool Renovations:


GC reported that a virtual meeting of the pool committee was held.  He will incorporate the comments he received into the pool plan.  The current plan is for a special assessment of about $550/home and using $500/home from the reserves, for a total cost of $94,600.  Homeowners would be given the option of paying the special assessment in one or two payments.  Two potential contractors had been identified to replace the fence along the hillside.  The committee’s preference was to install matching wrought iron fencing with mesh to catch debris from the hillside and a gate for access behind the fence.  Timing of the work is planned for completion in May and June.  The committee is ready to do the community survey about the pool project.  GC has suggested questions and Brent Tweddle will review them.  GG suggested that the pool survey should be circulated before we ask for a vote on the playground special assessment, so the community knows the full scope of expected costs this year. AC suggested having a hard start date for the pool project - e.g. September 15 – to avoid the summer high use season.  CS said timing should be either to complete the work by June 1 or to start in the fall.  GC noted that there was good support for the pool project at the annual meeting.  GG proposed that the Board see if the survey for the pool project supported that work and the special assessment and then include both the parks and the pool projects on the special assessment ballot, allowing separate votes on each project.  The Board approved the proposal.


Next Meeting:


            February 13, 2017

            7:30 p.m.

            SP house