Minutes of Starlight Mesa Board Meeting

Held on January 14, 2008

Present were:  Joe Varraveto, Tom Cwik, Joe Bergen and Tanya Zimmerman.

Meeting was called to order by President Joe Varraveto at 7:30 p.m.

Everyone thanked Joe Bergen for his detailed maintenance overview.

Culverts:           We have two problem areas, one on lot 93 which was repaired in December 2007 and one behind Mrs. Wright’s house on Starlane Drive.  It was unanimously passed to have Mrs. Wright’s fixed after she continues her drain pipe down the hill.  The approximate cost would be $2,800.00.  We have $5,000.00 budgeted.  Letter to be sent to Mrs. Wright.

Tree Trimming:             Should be done in January children’s playground and large pines along Starlight Mesa Lane unanimously approved for $3,300.00.  Tree mulch application to follow in gardens & hillside.

Planting:            In children’s playground take out bushes and plant a dozen crepe myrtle bushes for $1,780.00 unanimously approved.

Also approved brush clearance to be done in June.

General discussion of long term goals as well as $4,400.00 to be put back in reserves.

Next meeting set for February 11th at Tanya Zimmerman’s house.

Respectfully submitted


Tanya Zimmerman, Secretary