Starlight  Mesa  Newsletter


Highlights of January 2005 Board Meeting


--2004 Board members turned over their records to the 2005 Board members.


--It was agreed to invite our maintenance contractor, Jose Toribio, to the next Board meeting at which the new maintenance contract will be signed.  This will give the Board a chance to become better acquainted with him, and he with them.  They will also discuss brush clearance with him, which is not included in the regular contract. 


--Latest rulings require brush clearance be 200 ft. from a structure.


--It was agreed that the Secretary shall contact Board members by phone or email several days before each Board meeting. 


-- Email addresses were exchanged and we were encouraged to use them in contacting each other.


2005 Board Members


President Hank Smither 790-1423
Treasurer Maynard Morris 790-5502
Secretary Muriel Horacek 790-7950
Maintenance Tina Blum 952-0641 (no email address)
Maintenance Craig Coleman 790-2353


Next Board meeting


The next Board meeting will be held at 7:30 PM on Tuesday, February 8 at the home of Hank Smither, 203 Starlight Crest Drive.   All homeowners are always welcome.


Muriel Horacek, Editor