Minutes of the Starlight Mesa Homeowners' AssociationBoard of Governors' Meeting
March 8, 2005


2005 Board Members:

Tina Blum
Muriel Horacek
Maynard Morris
Henry Smither
Resident, Lot # 38   Sravanthi Keesara

1. Minutes of February 8th Board meeting were approved with corrections.

2. Due to Craig Coleman's surgery and recuperation period, his resignation was accepted. It was felt that the Board could continue with four members.

3. Maintenance report from Tina:

4. The current trash contract with BFI calls for two bins of waste picked up twice a week for $330.94/mo + 10% city fee. If we switched to SWD, it would be $300/mo. + 10% city fee.

However, BFI would pick up two green waste twice a week, plus ½ bin of solid waste once a week for only $65.90 + city fee. We decided to inform Jose that the recyclables must be separated in order to take advantage of these lower fees.

Tina confirmed that the Mesa gardeners are here Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

It was noted that there is no trash can by the tennis court.

5. Treasurer's report: Maynard reported that the audit of our books for 2004 was approved. He also paid out $1,100 for tax preparation and $354 for the new coupon books.

6. Maynard reported that a company is interested in buying Mesa Crest Water Company, which would probably result in higher water costs. There are 8 Mesa meters, but some are not used, at least in the winter. Maynard will check on these unused meters and find out if they are used during other months, since we pay a fee for every meter.

7. Maynard called SMG and confirmed that we can switch our Money Market account to a CD. The money is currently in Sunland Bank America earning 1/3% interest. We can put it in a 9-mo. CD at La Cañada Bank America with 2.33% interest, and be able to withdraw money once a week, and this transfer was approved.

8. The fire department will be inspecting our brush clearance in May or June. It was agreed to wait until the rainy season is over before cutting back, or it would have to be done again.

9. Hank reported that it would cost $110 to equip each non-functioning gas lamp to solar lighting. It was agreed to try it on two lamps, one in the open and the other under a tree, to determine its effectiveness.

10. Muriel reported that one Mesa girl offered to help with the Easter Egg Hunt on March 26th. Cookies and juice will be served. Maynard and Tina offered to supply cookies.

11. Other items discussed, but no action taken:

12. The next Board meeting will be Tuesday, April 12th at the home of Maynard Morris, 5338 Stardust Road.

Respectfully submitted,

Muriel Horacek, Secretary