The Board of Governors is elected once each year at the SMHA annual meeting held in November.  There are five members on the Board and they each serve from January 1st through December 31st.   Articles IV, V and VI of the CC&Rs describe most of the official duties of the Board but those duties are obsolete in many cases now that the project is more than 40 years old.   In general, the Board is responsible for the overall management of business affairs within the Association.  On occasion, the Board is approached by the larger community of La Caņada to participate on topics of mutual interest.

Traditionally, the Board has organized itself into five positions:

Two maintenance co-chairpersons

The Chairperson of the Board provides overall coordination of the Board members, conducts Board meetings, resolves issues that do not obviously fall within any one Board member's area of responsibility; and provides community outreach when appropriate and in the interests of the Association.

The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the overall budget of the Association, developing the next year's budget for presentation to the incoming Board, and reports on dues status of the individual homes within the SMHA.  The treasurer receives assistance from current management support contractor in the collection of monies due, payment of bills and debts of the Association, development of a reserve plan and funding thereof, and monthly review of actual vs planned expenditures throughout the calendar year.

The Secretary is responsible for maintaining the records of the Association, recording the minutes of Board meetings, distributing routine and special notices to homeowners as necessary, and archival of documents for historical and legal purposes.  In performing these duties the secretary receives services from the current management support contractor who provides maintenance and storage of the master files of the Association.

The two Maintenance Co-chairpersons are responsible for the overall maintenance of the facilities of the Association, both tangible and intangible.   This includes supervision of the landscape contractors, pool maintenance contractor, negotiating and contracting for repairs to Association facilities, upgrade or demolishment of obsolete or dilapidated physical assets of the Association, and the provision of new facilities when affordable and approved by the overall Board.  In performing their duties the maintenance co-chairs must coordinate with the Treasurer to assure that sufficient funds are available when large or unplanned expenditures are needed.  Two Board members typically share these responsibilities since the level of activity is somewhat greater than that for the other Board positions.

In addition to the elected Board members, the Board may seek volunteers from the community to assist the Board in specific areas where broader involvement is needed by the Association.  The CC&Rs mention one such activity, an Art Jury, to recommend architectural standards for the upgrade and/or new construction that is proposed from time-to-time within the Mesa.  In recent years there has been no Art Jury since the number of such requests have been easily accommodated within the Board itself.  Volunteer groups chartered by the Board serve at the pleasure of the Board.


Rev 2/26/11