Starlight Mesa Newsletter

The Starlight Mesa pool area will soon be in regular use by Mesa families. This is a good time to remind everyone that skateboards and skaters are not allowed inside the fenced area. They are also banned from the tennis court. Only tennis players with proper footgear (no black soles) are allowed on the court.

Parents: please be sure your children know these rules.

A big thank you to Gordon Wood, who gave a fresh coat of paint to the floor and walls of the rest rooms at the pool.

Found: a scooter, 3 towels, 3 pairs of swim trunks, 2 pr shoes, skateboard platform.

To pick up, call Tina Blum at 952-0641

A Good Neighbor Reminder: please scoop up after your dog.

West Nile Virus Alert: Read carefully the attached advice. With all the rain this season, mosquitoes are expected to multiply rapidly. In 2003 there were only 3 cases of the virus in California; in 2004 there were 829, including 27 deaths.

No standing water means they can't breed!

The Mesa Board has been meeting with the Forestry Division of the County Fire Department for advice on repairing our mud slides. The Forestry Division has given us eight trees and they have been planted. Eight more will soon be available. Further plans are being formulated.

Easter Egg Hunt & Scavenger Hunt Sixteen children and their parents enjoyed the festivities on the Putting Green on Easter Saturday. A thank you to Alice Grubb Jones and Kelsie Wilson who helped hide eggs and with the races, and to Tina Blum, Maynard Morris and Muriel Horacek who supplied refreshments.

Something to look forward to: the popular Summer Barbeque will be held on Saturday, August 27th. More details later.

President Hank Smither 790-1423
Treasurer Maynard Morris 790- 5502
Secretary Muriel Horacek 790-7950
Maintenance Tina Blum 952-0641
Maintenance Asst Mark Goddard 790-7696

Note:  Call Muriel Horacek for more info about the missing attachment.