I hope you are enjoying the pool in this warm weather.  Here are a few reminders:
--Please crank down the umbrellas when you leave.  We have had to buy two new umbrellas in the past two years because they broke when wind knocked them over.
--If you wish to have more than six guests in the pool or tennis area, you must reserve it with SMG by sending them a $50 deposit with a reservation form, which may be downloaded at     It would be helpful if you would also let me know the day and time desired, but it is not guaranteed until SMG receives your check.  If you have left the area in good condition, your check will be promptly returned.  This includes taking all party items back to your home.    Since the garbage cans are only emptied once a week, they may not be used for party trash.
--As a courtesy to your fellow residents, please remove all personal items from the tennis court when you leave (including empty water bottles and metal tops to tennis ball cans), and from the pool area (including hair clips, bobby pins, goggles and toys). 
--the key chain I found Friday, June 22nd in the pool area included a car key and several other keys and a wedding ring.  Call Charles Berryman at 790-4317 if they are yours.  If you found any keys, please let me know.
--Jose has informed me that the annual brush clearance will be completed in a few days.
--Mark Saturday, September 8 on your calendar for our annual BBQ, which will be an Argentine festival.  More details later.
--It isn't too early to start thinking about next year's Board.  A slate of officers has to be presented to residents in early September.  If you would like to serve, or wish to recommend a neighbor, please let me know. 
--Since Board members will be away at various times during the summer, if you call one of us and don't receive a prompt reply, try calling another Board member.
Charles Berryman, President    790-4317
Christian Jagenberg, Treasurer  952-1651
Joe Bergen, Maintenance    952-0647     ,,  
Dayton Jones, Maintenance   952-7624
Muriel Horacek, Secretary   790-7950   cell 383-4533  
Muriel Horacek, Newsletter Editor 

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