Starlight  Mesa  Newsletter

          May 2005

Important Notice from Jose, our Gardener

All front lawns will be fertilized on Monday, May 16.  In order to minimize the
risk of burning, you must water your lawn as soon as possible after it has been

Solar Light Experiment

A solar light system has been installed on the lamp in front of 239 Starlight
Crest Drive.  The Board is considering installing the same system on similar
lamps on the Green.

More incidents of Vandalism

Recently patio furniture was found in the pool and broken beer bottles on the
cement surrounding the pool.  We urge all Mesa residents to call any Board
member if they see destructive behavior, so that we may take appropriate

Jose has repaired the sprinklers near the playground on Starlight Mesa Lane,
which had been damaged by skateboarders.  Parents:  please tell your children
to steer clear of the sprinkler heads.   He is also repairing the benches in the
playground, which had previously been vandalized.

The next meeting of the Mesa Board will be Tuesday, June 14th at 7:30 PM at
the home of Hank Smither, 203 Starlight Crest Drive.

President                       Hank Smither                        790-1423  
Treasurer                       Maynard Morris                   790- 5502
Secretary                       Muriel Horacek                    790-7950  
Maintenance                 Tina Blum                              952-0641
Maintenance Asst         Mark Goddard                      790-7696