November 12, 2017

at the


2:00 p.m.




Board Members Present – Albert Chang (AC), Cynthia Smither (CS), Janet Edberg (JE), Greg Goeckner (GG)

Not Present – Devon Myers (DM)




CS welcomed the assembled homeowners and the other Board members present introduced themselves.


Election of 2017 Board:


The polls were opened for election of the 2018 Board.  Peter Ryan of Cardinal Management and homeowner Muriel Horacek were designated to count the votes.


Status of residents:


GG reviewed the names of those homeowners who have moved or passed away and new residents during 2017.  CS commented that it was good to see so many young children in the neighborhood again.


Financial report:


AC provided an overview of 2017 financial results.  The HOA results were generally on budget for the year.  The 2018 budget will be similar to the budget for 2017.  The Board has voted to keep dues for 2018 the same as 2017 - $180/month/home. 


There are two big projects the Board hopes to complete in 2018 – renovation of the playground and of the pool.  The playground work will be about $60k and the Board plans to take half of those funds from the reserve account and to ask the community to fund the other half from a special assessment of about $300/home.  The pool renovations are expected to cost about $100k and half of these funds will be taken from the reserve account and the Board will ask the community to authorize a special assessment of about $500/home for the rest.  Both proposals will be circulated for approval when they are ready.  CS noted that the playground equipment needs to be brought up to code, which has changed significantly since the current equipment was installed.  The Board plans to use a professional installer for this equipment; asking the neighbors to install such equipment is too risky and not enough people are willing to help with these projects.  JE has asked Jose Toribio if he can take on the preliminary work – primarily demolition of the existing equipment and concrete – to keep costs down. Joe Bergen (JB) asked about the lower playground.  AC responded that it depends how much the community wants to spend on these playgrounds.  JE asked that community members contact the Board with input on this project.  AC noted that the pool renovation project will be more complex and that it really needs someone to serve as a project manager.  JB noted that bids had been obtained for this project several times already and said that it should be managed by someone from the community to keep costs down.  GG noted that it is difficult to get community members who have the time available to manage a project of this scope and that is the reason the project has stopped and started several times.  AC agreed that community members have taken on these projects and then had to step back because of the time commitment.  A homeowner noted that people who frequently use these facilities have not volunteered to help with these projects.  AC said the Board will again ask for volunteers.


AC also reported that the Board had initiated the triannual reserve study.  He had recently walked around the Mesa property to show all of the HOA facilities.  The last study several years ago had recommended a reserve amount of $90k.  The HOA should spend almost all of its current reserves on the playground and pool projects next year. 


Maintenance report:


JE reviewed major maintenance issues and projects for 2017.  The palm trees around the pool were just trimmed.  Pool light bulbs were being replaced with LEDs.   The solar lighting we have installed has had very short lifespans and the Board is skeptical about continuing to install new solar powered lights.  She asked that homeowners notify the Board when they see facilities needing maintenance, so projects can be taken care of promptly.  Jose has started attending Board meetings to go over maintenance issues with the Board, which should result in faster completion of projects.  Homeowners can also let Jose know about any maintenance issues they see, and he will bring those issues to the Board.


JPL Boundary Survey:


GG reviewed the status of the JPL boundary surveys.  The government had asked the Bureau of Land Management to intervene as the surveys were returning inconsistent results.  BLM had determined (after an extensive study) that there was an error in the surveying of the tract north of Starlight Mesa, which was continued in the original Starlight Mesa survey, meaning that there is a 6’-8’gap between the southern boundary of the Mesa lots along Starlight Crest and Starlight Mesa (mostly the strip of parkland and the children’s park) and the boundary of JPL.  Since the JPL fence is already close to the JPL property line, it is unlikely that the government will seek to move that fence.  However, BLM has not reached a conclusion on who owns the strip of land between the Mesa and JPL.  BLM has promised to provide us a full written report, which the Board will circulate to homeowners when it is available. 


Other Issues:


A homeowner asked about the status of the CCR project.  GG responded that work on the CCRs and Bylaws was almost completed when Hanjoo Kim moved his fence.  The Board needed to resolve that issue before putting the CCRs and Bylaws before the community for approval.  As there will be several new Board members in 2018, the new Board needs to review the situation and decide how to proceed.


Announcement of election results.


The polls were then declared closed and the following vote tallies for the 2018 Board were announced:


Albert Chang - 49

Janet Edberg – 44

Devon Myers – 39

Mike Sagarian – 37

Cynthia Smither – 59