Article X, Section 2 of the Starlight Mesa Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) require that for alterations:

No person may construct, alter, repair, improve, remove, or demolish any structure or fence situated on a parcel in such a way that the exterior appearance of the structure or fence is changed unless he first submits a detailed description of the proposed work together with plans and specifications, to the Board of Governors, and obtains the written approval of the Board of Governors. 


The Board of Governors shall approve any such work if it conforms and harmonizes with the general quality and appearance of other structures within the project. 


The Board of Governors may appoint an Art Jury, composed of three owners to serve at the pleasure of the Board of Governors, and to advise the Board of Governors as to discharge of its functions under this section. 


The Board of Governors may adopt plans governing the structural and architectural details for all fences to be erected on the project, including specifications as to the color of fences.  After adoption of such a fence plan, no person my construct, alter, repair, remove, demolish or repaint any fence except in conformance with such plan unless he first obtains the written approval of the Board of Governors. 


Regardless of fence plans which may or may not be adopted by the Board of Governors, no fence shall be constructed between lots 35 and 36 or between lots 36 and 37 or between lots 74 and 75 or between lots 75 and 76 for a period of seven years after the recording of the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions unless the fence in identical in color, materials, and structural details with the fences erected on or between the common lots by declarant, and it shall be not over three feet high.


Guidelines for submitting an application for alterations:


In order to comply with the requirements of Article X, Section 2, the applicant shall submit at least the following information to the Board of Governors when requesting an alteration of their property:


         Name of homeowner, address and lot number of the property to be altered

         Detailed description of the proposed alteration, to include as appropriate:

o   Type of alteration (e.g. renewing roof, repainting, adding or removing windows, building, modifying or removing fences, etc.)

o   Color

o   Type of material (type, name, manufacture, model number, etc.)

o   Location (a drawing, to scale, showing location of alteration, relation to property lines, other structures, etc.)

o   Structural details (including information of any professional engineering analysis performed) - include plan and elevation views of proposed or modified structures

o   Photographs of the site, materials, etc.


In order that the Board of Governors may accomplish its due diligence in considering the application, the data package comprising the above information shall be submitted to the Board of Governor at least 30 days prior to the planned commencement of the subject alterations.