--Scott Swanson, President, acknowledged Mesa residents who moved here since our last annual meeting.  Those present were Regina Hsu, Chari Gilmore, Armond Kotikian and Trang Tran.
--Scott expressed our sadness for long time Mesa residents who passed away this year: Bob Berta and Maynard Morris.  Maynard served on the Mesa Board in 1985, 1993 and 2005. 
--Joe Bergen gave a comprehensive report on maintenance activities, including the success rate of various plants on the hillsides, changes in irrigation systems, the renovation of the poolhouse, and funding for future projects. 
--Joe also encouraged residents to attend board meetings if they have any concerns about the Board's actions.  The Board tries its best to follow procedures in our CC&Rs and state legal requirements when making decisions. 
--Joe's report may be found on our website, and I urge those who did not attend the meeting to read it in its entirety.  http://starlightmesa.org/2010_maintenance_report.pdf
--Muriel Horacek encouraged residents to carry a plastic bag when walking around the Mesa, in order to pick up beer and soda cans, and fast-food wrappers.  This is our home and we should all take pride in it.  She reported that dog walkers have been diligent in cleaning up after their dogs on grassy areas, but they should continue that practice on the Starlane slope, along Starlight Mesa Lane and on their own front lawn. 
--It was reported that Mesa residents have not been paying their dues promptly, which resulted in having to borrow from Reserves in order to pay bills several months ago.  As of October 31, seventeen residents had not paid dues that were due October 1st, and two of those residents owe over $1,000. 
--Barbara and Jay Schellen from TMEI counted the ballots during the meeting.  Elected to the 2011 Mesa Board were Joe Bergen, Mary Freeman, Dirk Heinrich, Muriel Horacek and Jenny Kong. 
--Joe Bergen presented a binder containing the "Transitional Continuity and Maintenance Guide" to each new Board member.  The 2010 Board felt that little guidance is given to each new board.  This Guide lists the duties of the officers, maintenance schedules as to tree trimming, brush clearance, culvert repair and hillside maintenance.
The Guide also lists the vendors we use for pool maintenance, general repairs, where purchases have been made for pool furniture, insurance requirements and much more. 
It is our hope that each Board will update this guide, and make changes as necessary, before passing it on to the next Board.
This Guide may be accessed on our website: 
--During the Question and Answer period:
--there was a discussion about having a STOP sign at the corner of Starlane and Mariners View.  That has to be petitioned to the City Council.
--complaints about leaves and ivy not cleaned up during our windy period last week.  This was due to the gardeners' being away for the funeral of their father the previous week, and trying to catch up on neglected duties.
--recommendation that gardeners' helpers have uniform shirts so they can be identified as Mesa gardeners.  Joe will speak to Jose about this.
--31 Mesa residents attended the meeting, representing 29 households.
Muriel Horacek, Mesa Secretary